Would you like to visit the surroundings of the lake by bike and enjoy one of the most beautiful greenways in France? This activity, certainly a must on Lake Annecy, allows you to enjoy the fresh air and the landscapes without the hassle of the car. 

The tour of the lake, relatively flat, is accessible for all types of physical condition. You will find what you are looking for as long as you have a bike and a suitable route

We will guide you in this article on the type of bike and route that best suits your needs.



The VTC (Vélo Tout Chemin), the most versatile bike for touring the lake

The VTC is a bike that adapts to most of the conditions found at the lake: roads, bike paths, and easy trails... It brings you comfort with its rather upright position and its front fork absorbing the few roughnesses of the ground. The section of its tires also offers a good compromise between performance and grip. For the more sporty ones, the important number of available speeds will also allow to climb the good hills that can be found in the surroundings.


The road bike, an ally of the most athletic

For people looking for performance and long distance, the road bike will be the best choice. Everything is done to go faster and further: aerodynamic position, thin tires, adequate transmission, light frame, etc. However, it is recommended not to try to beat your speed record around the lake during busy periods at the risk of colliding with other users of the bike path. It is better to prefer less frequented outings towards the passes.


Electrically assisted bicycles, for a 100% relaxing experience

With e-bikes, you can enjoy all the advantages of an ordinary bike, while avoiding its constraints. This bike is suitable for everyone and there are even bikes for children / teenagers (which we offer in our park).

Whether you are less sporty, or just looking for a relaxing ride, the electric assisted bikes will satisfy you. The coast between Menthon-Saint-Bernard and Talloires will be a formality, even if you still have to turn the pedals (it is not an electric scooter). Our bicycles, with a Bosch or Shimano battery, have a great autonomy which allows you to exceed 90km in economic mode.

In short, the electric bike will ensure you a pleasant moment of relaxation to enjoy beautiful places that you might have missed with a classic bike!

The electric bikes in our rental fleet of the Marin brand and SCOTT

What about going out with your family or your faithful companion?


Take a bike ride with your kids

Easily attached to the back of the bike, the children's trailers allow you to install up to 2 children from 1 to 5 years old. If you stay on the bike path and in fairly quiet and flat areas, the trailer will be a good equipment for your young children. You also have the possibility to install a baby seat, for a child from 9 to 22 kilos.

From the age of 6, your children will surely be autonomous on a bike and will be able to start on a small 20 inch bike. Be careful then to spare their efforts and choose a portion of easy and little frequented bike path.


Bring your dog on a bike ride

Just like children, our four-legged friends are entitled to their own trailer! They are generally adapted for dogs up to 40 kilos. They can be comfortable in them as long as they have a docile character to be able to settle inside.

The dog bed is perfect for small dogs up to 8 kg. It is easy to assemble and allows you to move around without hindrance.


The tour of the lake is an essential part of your visit to Annecy, but we suggest 3 other walks that will allow you to go even further in the visit of our beautiful region.

Presentation of the Lake Annecy bike tour

It's about 40km that you will have to cover to make the loop around the lake. It is almost 100% surrounded by bicycle paths, except on the eastern shore where the work is scheduled to be completed in 2022. Indeed, some kilometers will be shared with cars. Nevertheless, the route remains pleasant since you pass near picturesque villages like Talloires.

The relief is globally flat around the lake, except from Veyrier-du-lac to Talloires. Thus, it is advisable to visit the lake clockwise in order to climb more gently the hill between Menthon-Saint-Bernard and Talloires.


Green way to Albertville : for a relaxing day with your family

 In order to get away from cars as much as possible, the greenway is perfect for you. Accessible to all, it combines safety, discovery and nature. This greenway which starts from Albertville to Annecy is located on the west side of the lake and has a total of 64km, with a flat profile. It is built on a former railroad track and is quite wide. Along the way, there are several attractions for young and old to visit. The butterfly and insect museum, the archaeological museum in Faverges, or the bell museum (Paccard) in Sévrier. Refreshment stands, bars, restaurants adapted to bicycles are also spread all along this route. Come and spend a nice day with your family!


The tour of the lake by the Forclaz pass: get some height with friends with or without an electric bike

This route of about 55km and 700m of difference in altitude allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the lake. It can be done with a classic bike for the more athletic, or with an electric bike. We advise you to try this route in spring or autumn to avoid the traffic in the hairpins of the pass. At the top of the pass, you will find a panoramic view of the lake and something to quench your thirst. To go back down, you just have to follow the mountain road which will bring you to Doussard and the green way.



Map of the circuit starting from Talloires-Angon, passing by the Forclaz pass and finishing with the usual tour of the lake (click on the image for more details)

The Leschaux circuit, a pass in a natural park on an electric bike

An appointment in the heart of nature awaits you during this circuit of approximately 60km and 700m of difference in altitude. By electric bike, leave Angon to go in the direction of Duingt. After this village, leave the greenway and pedal towards the Leschaux pass in the Bauges massif. A typical mountain panorama will accompany you all along your ride. Don't be afraid of the difference in altitude with the electric assistance and enjoy the landscapes with serenity! Once you reach the pass, enjoy the calm and the view. Go down in the direction of Sévrier, then take the greenway to finish your day at the lake...


Map of the circuit starting from Talloires-Angon, going up to the pass of Leschaux by the Chapelle Saint-Maurice. Descent to Sevrier to return to Angon (click on the image for more details)